Advanced driving techniques will raise your awareness of developing road situations and enhance your driving skills by minimising accident risk. It is the ability to control the speed and position of your vehicle safely and systematically, using highly developed planning techniques to suit road and traffic conditions prevalent at the time.

What is advanced driving about?

Gaining the ability to drive at an advanced level is to make efficient use of your vehicle in an organized manner allowing for progress to be made unobtrusively, with benefits of reduced motoring costs through lower insurance premiums, reduced wear and tear, as well as the additional benefit of a stress free relaxed journey.

The skills required of an advanced driver are of a positive mental attitude combined with a high standard of driving competence based on awareness, anticipation and meticulous planning combined with good vehicle handling skills to produce consistently safe drivers. The aim is always be at the right place on the road at the right time, travelling at the right speed with the correct gear engaged so that the vehicle can be guided and stopped safely well within the distance you see to be clear.

Benefits of Taking the Advanced Driving Test?

One of the major benefits of under going advanced driver training is gaining the confidence to handle your vehicle systematically in any given situation. Many people shy away from developing their driving skills to an advanced level because they think it is beyond their capabilities and an unnecessary expense. This is a popular misconception resulting in many underdeveloped drivers using our road systems with disastrous consequences.

The truth is that the money you spend on the Advanced Driving is nothing compared to what you will save on the devastating consequences of a road crash. In addition to financial expenses, having to deal with loss of loved ones, cost of funerals, going through the pains of hospitalisation as well as the possibility of loss of limbs are just some of the things Advanced Driving aims to avoid.

What are the immediate benefits?

It is worth while consulting with your insurance provider and asking them how much you could save on your insurance premiums if you took and passed the Advanced Driving Test. Many insurance companies look favorably upon Advanced Drivers, because this provides documented proof to the insurers that you are a committed safety-conscious driver who has voluntarily gone beyond the absolute minimum to improve your skills.

Statistics from Direct Line insurance company show that drivers who have passed their Advanced Test have a 50% to 75% less chance of causing an accident.

The consensus amongst drivers who have taken and passed the Advanced Driving Test is that the training has helped them to become relaxed drivers and that they are enjoying the freedom to be able to drive confidently and safely, using the road and their vehicle to create optimum performance and driving pleasure.

How long would it be before I recover my expenditure on advanced driving?

With improved fuel economy and savings on your insurance premiums, you could recuperate the cost of the course in less than 6 months, if you cover 20,000 miles a year.

What will I be learning during the course?

Your training will start with an initial assessment of your current knowledge of the Highway Code and the road procedures followed by comprehensive skills test. This will include varying road and traffic conditions. After the initial assessments your trainer will provide you with a detailed feedback of your current aptitude and make recommendations on areas of your driving which require attention.

In the following stages of your training program you will create a training schedule for your specific needs. Your instructor will help you to highlight the areas in need of improvement and set time scales for you to be able to accomplish your targeted goals based on your personal agenda. Your training program will include realistic exercises that address the challenges you have identified and help you to schedule your learning in short segments so that it is integrated with practice exercises and activities. Your instructor will make every effort to help you draw upon your current abilities and assist you in connecting with new learning.

In order to help build your understanding of what possible hazards might befall you, your instructor will take you to roads and areas that you may not have driven through before. She will give you constant feedback and provide you with frequent opportunities for you to reflect on what you are learning, she will periodically ask you questions about how you will apply new knowledge and skills, what challenges you may face and how you will overcome those challenges.

Once you have overcome your limitations and enhanced your skills, you will automatically begin to feel more confident in your abilities to control the traffic environment within close proximity of your vehicle, which is the ultimate aim of any advanced driving course.

What tests are available to test my ability?

There are numerous tests that you can take at the advanced level, these vary with the standard of competence you are required to display. As a general guide two sets of criteria are deployed by the test administrators. At the lower end of the scale is a six driver fault system where you are allowed five minor deviations from a perfect drive before you fail the test. At the higher end you have a two fault drive with no repeat occurrence of the same fault.

What Happens During the Advanced Driving Test and what will the Examiner look for?

The Advanced Driving Test takes about 60 to 90 minutes from start to finish and the candidate will be tested on 30/40 miles of differing types of roads.The test puts the driver through a full driving workout, allowing the candidate to alter their driving style according to the environment they are driving in. The Examiner will be looking to see how the candidate copes with motorways, town centres and country lanes. Each of these areas has its own type of hazards and situations that need to be negotiated safely to prove the candidates competence.

During the test, the candidate will be able to display their own driving style – using the optimum road positioning and excellent observation skills that they have picked up during their training to lead to a smooth drive at the legal limit on the open road. The test basically will cover the main areas of Roadcraft the key objective is that the candidate will be able to cope well with any given situation, rather then just perform exceptionally well in one or two areas of their driving. The examiner will look at the whole drive and look for qualities of a safe, systematic, smooth, progressive and balanced drive. She will be looking for evidence to prove that the driver is always in the right place on the road, travelling at the right speed and in the correct gear for that speed.

If any of the above tests interest you and you would like further training to improve your driving standard then please contact us