This vehicle and road familiarisation course has been designed by Monk School of Motoring to meet the needs of people either visiting or planning to work in the UK. The course provides a safe environment in which to experience a variety of road types and traffic conditions.

The course will also provide an assessment of a drivers’ ability to drive in the UK and identify any further training needs.

Those who are not used to driving in the UK will be better able to avoid an accident and navigate safely and confidently following this familiarisation training.

Who is it suitable should for? Any driver who has not previously driven in this country.

What will you learn? The basic principles of driving on British roads and an overview of the Highway Code.

Course content includes

  • The laws governing driving on British roads
  • Road signs and markings
  • Signals at roundabouts and crossings
  • Negotiating box junctions and traffic light crossings
  • Motorway driving
  • General defensive driving principles and techniques
  • What skills will you develop?
  • Anticipate potential hazards earlier
  • Develop improved and prolonged concentration skills
  • Improve the control of your vehicles
  • Maximise safety margins without impeding progress
  • Enhance all round observations skills
  • Minimise wear, tear and fuel costs

What are the benefits of taking up this course?

  • Reduced frequency of accidents and accident repairs
  • Lower Insurance cost as result of fewer claims
  • Fewer vehicles down time for maintenance and repair
  • Saving on fuel, tyres and spares

 What are the minimum requirements?

You must have a valid permit to drive in the UK with extensive experience of driving in other parts of the world. The permit must be legible in English. Your stay in UK must not have been longer than one year; if you have stayed longer than one year in UK then you will need a UK provisional licence before you can start driving under the supervision of a qualifying licensed driver.